Swan Neck Push Stick / Pushing Stick

Swan neck push stick for table and bands saws.

Bellow is a link to a template image:  Printout should appear over three A4 pages, which can be aligned and stuck in 18mm MDF board before cutting out.

Swan Neck Pushing Stick Template

Swan Neck Pushing Stick Template

If that doesn’t work, print off the three images below on A4 paper.







2 thoughts on “Swan Neck Push Stick / Pushing Stick

  1. Hi Papasavva, I’m A wood carver up in Canada I’ve started carving hat blocks to make hats on, they are hard to find up here so I’m making them myself, they are a lot of fun to make. I’m not that experienced with finer wood working, as in furniture making and have come to a point where a puzzle block is needed. Thankyou for what I think I need to do Roger Friesen

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