This channel is the product of an almost obsessive preoccupation with making, but it’s not just that! I make for the most part videos about workshop related endeavours. These often include woodworking, while building hand tools, fashioning jigs and expanding the use of machinery. But I also have other preoccupations, which may appear as the stranger videos in the collection. Artefacts or prop like objects, such as a pushing stick in the shape of a swan’s neck, a wooden mallet with a whistle in its handle, or a bouquet of flowers which opens into an umbrella.

The early videos on this channel focused on making tools, but tools are not a means in their own end. While I enjoy making them, and may only ever be remembered by them like some Neolithic man – I also appreciate deviating a little.

So here you’ll find an idiosyncratic miscellany of videos, which are sometimes further complicated by my narrations that seemingly draw upon things with no obvious relevance, but they do.


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