Top 3D Printers (I’ve used)

I’ve been getting a few 3D Printers sent to me and I’ve quickly realised I need a way of listing these in some kind sensible order – taking into account cost, assembly, ease of use, build quality and features. So here is the list – 1 is at the top. With all these printers I would not recommend any to be left unattended while printing.

1: Anycubic i3 Mega /

Pros: Solid steel construction, two part assembly, great ultrabase build table, free 1kg spool of PLA in box, filament sensor, electronics are enclosed in base, on/off switch, small footprint.

Cons: Uses three linear bearings instead of four to hold hotbed, price is higher than some other DIY versions.

2: Tevo Tarantula /

Pros: Adaptable DIY build, good first printer to learn assembly, v-wheels are quieter than linear bearings, large maker community to help fill in blanks, heat bed has insulation underneath which is convenient closest part is acrylic.

Cons:  Build process is time consuming, you need to be patient to build this, wiring is really messy and annoying, large community of users can make accessing information confusing, needs a lot of upgrading such as adjustable triggers for limits, exposed PSU and no on/off switch, manual has errors in procedure.

3: Anet E10  /

Pros: Quick and easy build, large print bed, enclosed electronics.

Cons: Hot-end takes time to heat up, display times out while bed levelling, electronics looks like standard stuff with Anet A8, uses micro SD card, linear bearings don’t support hot-bed mounting metal from extremities.

4: Anet A8 /

Pros: Nice build process, easier to build than Tevo Tarantula, classic design, super cheap.

Cons: Plastic is flexible, electronics let it down, hotbed wiring risk shorting, exposed PSU, no on/off switch, need considerable upgrading, doesn’t come with manual so you’ll need to rely on secondary user generate sources.