Fitting Quill Stop for Pillar Drill – Hobbyist Machine Upgrade – Depth Stop

In this video I dismantled our workbench pillar drill and added a quill stop.  The quill is the part of the drill with moved downwards, and higher end machines always have a stop, which allows the plunge to be held at various heights to help centre holes or for other uses.  This pillar drill was quite cheap and is probably the most commonly available hobbyist machine in terms of size.  The steps are very simple in taking the machine apart but I chose to drill and tap the front where the metal was not cylindrical like the quill.  When you drill metal you always have break out, and you want to avoid any metal hitting the quill when you replace it.  At the end of the video you can see me using the quill stop to lower the homemade drum sander ( into a sacrificial bed with a circle cut out.

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