Adjustable Drill Guide Plans & 3D Files


This purchase contains downloadable:

  • Adjustable 3D Printed Drill Guide Manual / Plans.
  • 3D Printed Part Files – STL Format Zip File.
  • Step File of Model


Digital files and plans needed to 3D print and build an adjustable drill guide.

This product bundle includes a PDF manual with parts list and illustrated diagrams of the assembly. It also includes STL files of the components which can be 3D printed.

  • Versatile and portable drill guide which is suitable for 90% of mains or cordless drills.
  • 3D Printing parts mean guide can be customised for your needs.
  • Capable of drilling any angle between +/- 60°
  • Fine adjust angles with digital bevel box for perfectly perpendicular or angled holes.
  • Can be built to accept B10, B12 or B16 chuck size.
  • Two alignment pegs allow self-centring drilling (125mm capacity)
  • Can be 3D printed from the material of your choice – PLA or PETG
  • Build with parallel stainless steel linear rails and polymer bearings.
  • Maximum Travel 310mm when assembled with 400mm rails.
  • 350mm distance between bottom of drill chuck to underside of base.

This is a digital download only.

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