DIY Table Saw Sledge with Flip Stop Guide

I have built a new sledge for the table saw as well as a flip stop, which runs along a t-slot (made with a key hole router bit) on the top of the fence. The first observation is slices of 15mm ply make perfect runners for the TS-200 table saw. They actual mitre slots on this machine don’t feel perfect and I have read accounts of people having them re-ground, or it might be worth working out which side of either slot is parallel (if any) and using shim to hold them in place while gluing. In any case I am happy with the results, and this means I will be able to make a lot more jigs without the hassle of honing rails. The other thing to mention is I used the five cut method to set the fence square to the blade which is again best demonstrated in NG Williams video:–LFgQ

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