Native American Toy – Hooey Stick / Gee-Haw Whammy Diddle / Ouija Windmill

0:03 I am resting a piece of square oak into a channel made using the router upon a piece of chipboard. The two channels intersect allowing me to make small cuts and forming notches along one edge of the oak.
0:27 I should have really marked this because I didn’t cut them evenly.
0:35 Finding the centre of one end I drilled a pilot hole for a nail.
0:46 This part is the propeller which is also made from oak, and about 3mm thick.
1:02 I’m doing something wrong.
1:06 I somehow thought filing the end down might help, but that didn’t work.
1:18 I made the propeller a little shorter.
1:27 Using the correct grip the propeller is starting to spin.
1:34 Magic words do not help.
1:41 The propeller is still not centred, so I shaved a little one side.
2:05 It bloody well works!
Dimensions are really not important, as I have seen this made with twigs and dowels.
Providing you have ridges, a reasonably sized propeller and a red HB pencil, it is possible make this curious little toy.

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