Router Table Fence – Featherbaords T Slots Plastic Guard / Table Saw Extension

In this video I utilise the existing table saw fence to create an adjustable one for the router table extension.  As the workshop is small and cluttered it makes sense to combine the two tools together.  I found the 19mm wide T slot track online and it only took a small modification to fit M8 bolts.  The depth of the birch ply gives me ample room to rebate and clean edges.  I made the featherboards on a bandsaw elsewhere, but these could have easily been made with a handsaw or jigsaw.  The plastic guard was cut into shape with the two slots routered, and later bent into shape using a wire heater but these could have been made into two section and glued together using dichloromethane liquid solvent cement.  My only concern now is to add extraction to the table with either a hose to the rear of the blade, or underneath the table.  Because the fence only locks into place from one side, I may have to clamp the far end when routering  to prevent any sidewise movement.

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