Mitre Sledge with Flip Stop – Picture Framing Jig

I want to start building picture frames which means I need a tool that will allow me to cut accurate mitres. I don’t believe the extended mitre fence ( on the table saw is up to the job, because setting up time would vastly exceed usage, and my chop cuts a little precariously.

The mitre sledge jig, will help me produce corresponding mitres which equal to 90 degrees, both in the y and z axis of the blade.

When setting up any tool to create the four corners of a picture frame, in the same way that the five cut method, when testing the accuracy of a cross cut sledge, amplifies errors which are then measured and compensated for, poorly made picture frames become an accumulation of errors.

By cutting on corresponding sides of the sledge, either mitre marries together to produce an accurate 90 degree join, however what this does mean is a procedural method has to be followed when cutting, with the intention of reducing errors building up. And I will have to work this out for the next video.

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