How to Make a Christmas Tree – Brushing Up

Now here’s a simple and smart idea for a compact sized Christmas tree. Just get yourself a toilet brush, preferably clean and clamp it into your vice. The first thing we’re about to do is trim the bristles into a conical conifer. The brush might already look like it’s covered in snow but we’re going to paint it green, just like any other traditional Christmas tree. I ‘m using luminescent radioactive green spray paint.  Afterwards add hot glue to create great permanently attached festive nuggets.  Just imagine slimmer from Ghostbusters has wondered through your tree after a dodgy takeaway.  Some red thread will cut in amongst the green, and help push the bristles into shape.  If you happen to have some yellow rawl plugs, stick them onto your tree as well. Now weave the LED lights onto your tree.  The quickest way to add some colour to your tree is with party poppers, but make sure your aim is good.  Finish off with a star.  I cut mine out of some cardboard.  Now turn on your fairy lights and admire your tree.  The great things about this tree, is it’s easy to store away until next year.

A British Housewares Company created the first artificial bristled Christmas tree in the 1930s – coincidently using the same machinery as in the manufacturing of toilet brushes.

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