Table Mounted Jigsaw with NVR Switch / Interchangeable Table Saw Extension Perspex Plate

When selecting a jigsaw to mount on the underside of my table saw extension, I avoided any with fail-safe switch protections.  This older models simply turn on and off, and if the mains power fails and you forget to reset the machine, they’ll carry on where they were left off.  This model will remain attached to the Perspex plate, so there is little chance of me forgetting to reset the switch will result in an accident.  The Perspex is roughly 10mm thick and I am using dichloromethane plastic weld to hold everything in place.

Simple Tilting Router Table Insert / Table Saw Extension –

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4 thoughts on “Table Mounted Jigsaw with NVR Switch / Interchangeable Table Saw Extension Perspex Plate

  1. Hello Sav,
    Just a short while into my wood butchery career and it looks like yet another idea I’m going to steal from you! I’ve had a belt sander in a cupboard doing nothing for years and I shall attempt to copy your idea for turning it into a fixed table sander. Recently, I was bequeathed a beautiful ancient drill press which I have overhauled and put into service. I think the drill press is as old as I am and I’ll be 70 next year. However, the machine has no on/off switch so I intend to fit an NVR switch adjacent to the drill.

    On a further note, and I’m probably way out but I am guessing you are in the London area (Nth. London’s my guess) although sometimes I wonder if you aren’t inside Eros himself by the amount of traffic noise going by. Being a pensioner on a tight budget, can I ask where you source that quality ply you use (guessing again it’s B/BB) as all my enquiries seem to put it around the £70 mark which I’m afraid I am unable to justify spending that amount.

    Love the way you debunk that old “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. I’m all ears!



    • Yes a NVR switch is a great addition to old tools. Would be curious to see the pillar drill. I’d recommend approaching a kitchen fitters or wood yard for scraps. Good luck. S

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