Bamboo Tetrahedral Kite

I shot the original video in august 2014, and somehow forgot or neglected to finish it off. I wanted to find a nice location around London, and I had a few spots in mind with which to test the kite, but I just didn’t. Meanwhile I even filmed making a new bamboo splitting knife. I guess this is just a reminder that while I may try to upload a video each week, making stuff, and the lineage of how ideas lead on from one another, are often easily disrupted. I think this is a normal processes which many of us will recognise.

My attempt to redefine the definition of sad, and test the kite in the workshop using an air fan is deplorable.

On building the kite, working with bamboo was an interesting material to handle. It’s flexibility and strength makes it perfect for a variety of tasks and I look forward to using the material again. The bin bags seemed to work however hot glue was probably not the best adhesive to work with when joining the parts. It is clumpy and adds more weight to the overall structure than for example string or other forms of glue.

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