Double Neck Guitar / Monkey Nut Maraca

If a professional guitar maker had seen these guitars before I cut them up and glued them back together, they would have not minded my unorthodox meddling. I only noticed once I began playing with it, that the frets were varnished and started to grate off while the strings rubbed against them. So if you are worried that I sacrificed two beautiful guitars in the name of, whatever it is I do, you needn’t worry. They were shit! I simply cut the guitars as best I could with a handsaw and glued them with contact adhesive. I made sure to sand the cuts edges especially as I had waxed my saw to help cut more smoothly. Surprisingly the adhesive worked really well and I didn’t have to add reinforcements to the body. The colouring was a little botched and I was hoping to fit a washboard on the rear of the body, but I couldn’t find material for that.

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