Bottling Plum Wine / Syphon Holder

I found a recipe in a book called Home Wine and Beer Making by Ben Turner.

  • 2kg plums,
  • 250g sultanas,
  • 2 ripe bananas,
  • 1kg white sugar,
  • 5g citric acid,
  • 2g grape tannin,
  • Pectic enzymes and Campden tablet,
  • 3.5 litres water,
  • Burgundy wine yeast and nutrient

All the prepared fruit should be left in the water with one crushed Campden tablet and the pectic enzymes for 24 hours before adding the activated yeast, nutrient and tannin and fermenting on the pulp for three days.  The fruit should be submerged.  Afterwards, strain and press the pulp before discarding, adding the sugar and fermenting with an airlock for nine months.  Please check full recipe.

The syphon holder is simply a piece of 18mm birch ply, with two grooves cut on either side to allow rubber bands to hold it against the demijohn.  The hold is cut roughly the same size at the syphoning tube.  You can use a vernier caliper to check this.  After drilling the hold I cut up to the hold from one edge.  I used my table saw with the blade at full extension, turning the machine off and waiting for the blade to stop rotating before removing the block.  You can also use a handsaw or jigsaw.  I then drill a hole across one edge and use a wing knob and m6 coach bolt to tighten block onto the syphon.

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