Tripod Dolly Wheel Upgrade

I build this tripod dolly from a recycled pallet in 2009. It was the last thing I made from pallet wood, after realising I hated the material and the tawdry up-cycle mentality it seemed to represent and perpetuate.

I originally used the chokes of the pallet itself to fit angled wheels, which would run along PVC tube tracks. And the main section could be compacted by removing three wing knobs, into a neat pile.

The track is not really practical for how I film any more, and I want to replace the existing wheels with three swivel castors which can run along the floor. I am hoping this will allow me to move the tripod into filming positions around the workshop a little more quickly, without lifting and also encourage me to keep the floor clear.

Because my tripod uses spreeders to position the legs, I will have to place the wing knobs beneath.

I am going to bolt the castor wheels using M12 flanged nylon nuts which are countersunk into the planks. After marking the sides with a pen, I used the pillar drill to make a 30mm hole using a forster bit up to the midpoint of the plank and then drill through with a 12 mm bit. The nuts will be sunk into the larger hole made with the forstner bit.

I also held mudguard washers with mole grips and drill holes out to 12 mm, which will be fitted on the underside and prevent the castor digging into the wood.

Assembling is very simple, using a socket set on one side and a spanner on the other.

I could use bungee cord to hold the tripod down, but it’s weight should be enough.

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