CNC Extraction Hood Flaps

00:02 Measuring a piece of clear flexible UPVC around circumference of CNC extraction hood.
00:29 Roughly cut to size, making sure the depth of the flaps are a bit larger.
01:17 Cutting flaps using an engineers square to provide spacing.
01:53 I am going to secure this on with machine screws.
01:58 I place the UPVC against the circumference of the hood and mark the two most outer points.
02:07 I punch one holes through, and drill and tap one machine screw to check it will hold.
02:43 I use the divider to make the holes I in-between.
03:16 I work along the length of the UPVC, punching, drilling , tapping and securing with the machine screw.
04:02 I set up the machine and test. The flaps are a little too long and need cutting down.
04:37 Using a straight edge I cut the flaps down.
05:13 I tested the new hood flaps and something else went wrong.

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