Offcut Torsion Box Table Top – For CNC Machine

00:02 I am going to replace the table top for the CNC with a torsion style one but first I move a few things around. John Heisz recommended I place my CNC machine on a torsion box and it sounded like a good idea.
00:59 I am going to use scrap MDF which was all cut to the same width. These are offcuts which I cut down to create all the parts for a table tap measuring 950mm x 1220mm.
01:15 This isn’t how you should make a torsion box but the principle is similar. I glued and nailed everything on my table saw which is relatively flat. It also means I can use up a lot of scrap creating a flat worktop.
03:02 Cutting 12mm ply top which was a little warped.
03:11 Gluing the torsion box frame to the ply top. You can see I braced the frame using pieces horizontal offcuts of MDF.
03:38 Nailing top down.
03:52 Sanding top.
03:57 Moving the CNC to the floor. It was a lot heavier than I remembered so the options were just down.
04:00 Unscrewing original top.
04:09 Adding a bands of ply to the front face, as well as the bottom front and back of the base. The table will slot into the gap.
04:55 I screwed this down making sure not to warp the ply.
05:11 Nathan from OpenTronic gives me a hand placing the machine back on top.

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