Festive Snow Globe Stuffed With Forks & Glitter

Well the Grinch and his entire family are out on force – disliking this video.  I knew I should have put a forstner bit in there and some saw dust.

00:15 Measure and cut forks down to fit within jar.
00:26 Glue plastic cutlery into geometric shape under lid using hot glue.
01:17 The selection of glitter from hell.
02:00 I made a mess – some glitter fell to the bottom while the rest floated on top. I thought I could also remove the air bubble by filling the jar within a larger vessel.
02:35 Nathan from OpenTronic suggested added washing up liquid to the water to reduce the surface tension of the glitter. This made a lot of sense as I have done the same thing when working with silicone.
03:00 The moment the floating glitter dispersed.
03:28 Placing the lid on and cleaning the subsequent mess – you can be more careful.
03:50 Shaking the snow globe – marvel at its prettiness.

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