CNC Control Box Overview

Part Dimension Quality
Power Panel Mounts 5.8 x 4.8 x 3.3cm/ 2
E Stop   Buy 2
Glands Buy for wire you plan to use. 2
4 pin Aviation Panel Mounts M16 4
Latching on-off-on Rocker Switch 21x31mm 1
Heat Shrink 3.2mm 1 meter
Crimp Terminals Red or Blue Buy a large set
Butt Red 4
Insulated Spade Red 14
Spade Blue 6
Fork Connector Red 7
Lug Connectors Red 3
DuPont header connections 2.54mm 2
Gang Socket 3 pin 2
3 cord flex 1.25mm Various
2 cord flex 1mm Various
Step-down Voltage Regulator   1
2 pin Aviation Panel Mount M16 1
2.5kw Laser Module   1
Laser Driver Board   1
Green Safety Goggles   1
DuPont Crimps 2.54mm 3
DC Male Jack 5.5/2.1mm 1
12V Fan   1
USB Panel Mount Type B female to type B male 1
10k resistor   1

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