Broom Handle Door Handle

In this video I will continue with the lathe cabinet stand but making some cupboard door handles, from a broom handle.

The first thing I’m going to do is make a vee block by cutting a trench out of a piece of 2 by 2 with the table saw blade tilted at an angle. I slowly lifting the blade so I don’t accidently cut too much material off in one go.

This will hold the broom handles parallel against the pillar drill.

I measure the head of the coach bolt and make sure I have a forster bit the same size.

I’m going to sink some M8 coach bolts into the broom handles, which will allow me to bolt the them to the cabinet doors.

I used the forstner bit to mark the holes on either side by gently sliding the vee block along the pillar drill.

I then cut the ends off the handles because I made a mistake.

I was about to make the same mistake and then realised I had an off-cut I could use to check the alignment.

When I was happy with this I drilled the real broom handle door handles, changing over to an M8 brad-point drill bit to drill all the way though.

I used a cone cutting bit to widen the mouth of the hole, and help prevent the handle splitting when I added the coach bolt.

Using a nut and spanner I tighten the coach bolt into place.

I mark the doors, drilling with a smaller drill bit, using the pilot hole to counter sink the back with a forstner bit and finally drill the hole out to 8mm. The handles are fasten using nuts between two washers onto the doors.

I think the handles would have actually looked a lot nicer going this way around but I’ve decided to with them horizontally, because it means I can also use them to hang some tools off them when I’m being a bit lazy.

Thanks for watching Broom Handle Door Handle.

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