Cutting Glass With Laser – 2.5w Blue Module

So I wanted to try cut some glass after I saw Pocket 83 have a go, but this time using a blue laser.

So I was given a 2.5kw blue laser by a company called banggood, and I used it in a series of videos on my other channel where I built a new controller box for the CNC machine.

I was curious if I could cut a bottle, or more to the point heat the glass along the laser line and see if that would fracture it.

I made a jig to rotate the bottle like this.

And this is what happened.

Ok that didn’t work. I’m going to try something else. I have a bit of clear glass, I mean this probably won’t work but I’m hoping that if I pass the laser across several times possibly it might heat up and when I tap it, it will break. I’m also kinda curious to see if it will burn the MDF underneath the glass which would be quite interesting to see what effect that has and what that does with the fumes for example. The other thing is it’ll probably just rebound so again I got my goggles and I’m going to make sure my sleeves are rolled down. I’m just going to get this up and then give it a go.

This feels very dangerous so I’m making sure I’m very clear of the laser. I can sort of see some kind of residual light around the glass – it’s just going all over the place. So the second this stops I’m going to tap the glass and see if it breaks.

It’s going to do 17 passes back and forth.

So it sort of it possible to cut glass with a laser, although I think the heating of the MDF did most of the work.

Wow that’s amazing and this is about a mm thick. Hasn’t cut it perfectly but definitely did break.

So if you’d like to see the link to Pocket83’s video, that will be in the description along with a link to the laser I used.

You can also see how I stalled the laser into the CNC machine via the control box by checking out my other channel Educating Savvas.

I think any future laser work needs to be done with the machine contained in some kind of booth, which will be my next task on the jobs list.

Thanks again for watching and I’ll see you in the future.

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