Veneer Collector Pack 1 and 2 Unwrapping – Rare and Exotic Wood Specimens

Ok in this video I’m going to do an unboxing? No, it’s not an unboxing as it’s an unwrapping of the exotic, and rare and exotic veneers Collector Set 1 and 2. If you’ve never seen this before, it’s quite an old collection of veneers by the Art Veneer company ltd. from Suffolk. Which makes a change, it’s not from across the pond. And you can tell this is pretty old because there’s some celotape on the corners, and it’s started to yellow. It looks like something that’s been in a high school for a very long time. I’m going to open this up and I’m hoping there’s some information about what’s in here. I’m not sure if some of you remember a video from quite a while back, where I was trying to identify whether a piece of veneer was mahogany or teak. This would have been pretty useful at the time because it’s a collection of labels veneers with… with a summary of the different species of trees that these veneers are from. And each veneer has a label, a number which you can then correspond so I could say to you pick a card. You’re probably thinking of number 35 because that’s what I was thinking and I can go to 35 on this, maybe that’s not 35? There’s no 35 here. Maybe this is just a load of bullshit? It definitely says 35 on it. Well there’s loads of different species, and you get three very old rubber bands as well. Lets open this one because it looks like the interesting one. so this packet is already open. It’s a different type of packaging. I’m not really interested in collecting – I think it’s a bit of an autistic thing to do but it has some more exotic examples of timbers, there’s also some burrs. It just provides a good frame of reference so in future when I’m actually trying to identify a species of timber I should hopefully be able to refer back to something. Wow look at that one, crinkly. Ok the irony is that probably a lot of these species from first collector set have now moved over to the second collector set, but you know, who cares. Got some bog oak here – that’s 250. There’s some bog oak here, and there some more bog oak from a client. Interesting, so I need to decide what to do with these. Whether to maybe laminate them onto a board or I think probably makes more sense to put them into a unused wedding album. This is one of those ones where you’re going to have to search for this on ebay, or specialist suppliers and hope that it’s still in stock. It’s pretty reasonable. I got  the collector set 1 for about £12 or something on ebay. Collector set 2 was a bit more expensive from a specialist supplier. But it’s the sort of thing that you can keep for as long as you’re interested in woodworking. Well I hope you found that interesting, thanks for watching. Wait wait wait, I need to kinda confirm something. Just gone through some of the samples and the numbers don’t all correspond with the print out. I think this must have been made back when you know, drinking alcohol perpetually throughout the day was a normal activity and err, like kinda producing something like this was seen as an affront to humanity, therefore it’s been sabotaged, I assume. Who knows, maybe the apprentice was doing this and they had hundreds of these and they were there just stamping numbers and they just went crazy. I don’t know, I really don’t know. I’ve got this 49 and I can’t find 49 anywhere. What is this thing, it looks like its dyed. This is thankfully why the UK does not have an empire anymore – we have two different species of veneer. Can you see that 154, and 154. This collector set is a little bit ridiculous. 154 and 154. No wait, that’s not 154! Tthere’s another number here – 138! That was confusing. These two don’t even have any numbers on them. This is fucking torture. That’s 25 something. So this one is in alphabetical order while this one is numerical. Ok there’s three with no numbers on them. It’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful. I can only assume that some old man was becoming slightly demented while place small cards of veneer into a typewriter and punching numbers onto them. It’s a horrible thing to imagine, but it could happen to any one of us.

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