Ultimate Plywood Block – 47 Species of Veneer

1 Agba
2 Afara
9 Ash
11 Olive Ash
12 Aspen
14 Avodire
15 Ayan
17 Beech
18 Birch
22 Bird’s Eye Maple
26 Brown Oak
27 Bubinga
30 Cedar or Lebanon
31 Cherry
33 Sweet Chestnut
35 Padauk Andaman
38 Mansonia
40 Elm
41 Eucalyptus
42 Koto
52 Iroko
55 Lime
59 Brazilian Mahogany
61 Pommelle
62 Sapele
66 Makore
77 Oak
79 Silky Oak
82 Paldao
84 Pearwood
85 Planetree
86 Primavera
89 Indian Rosewood
91 Satinwood
92 Sycamore
97 Teak
100 Castello
107 Walnut, Eropean
113 Walnut American
114 Afrormosia
157 Tropical Olive
163 ??
182 Magnolia
203 Rosewood San Domingan
205 Scots Pine
108 or 408 Walnut, Australian
186 196 ??

I’m going to glue all of these together, clamp them down and make something out of this small stack of veneer. Just so I can actually say what’s in the ply, I am going to read out the numbers as I go along. I’m going to read them out now just so have a reference, and I will provide that information in the video.Ok so when I bought the veneer collector set I actually bought an additional one because I was struggling to identify what was in the pact. In fairness in the very oddly organised reference, it did state that sometimes they don’t have all the material, all the veneers in stock. In any case it was a bit too odd and I went through another collector set one just to identify – and I just picked and choose, from that to produce a more comprehensive set which I have stored away safely. But now I have this spare set, and I was toying about whether to give it away to someone, and then I decided it would be a lot more fun to produce a very expensive sample of ply – which contains potentially 50 species of veneer.

So I’ve got 107, 108 I think, 408 can’ tell, 113, 157, 114, 182, 203, 30, 31, 33, 35, 40, 41, 17, 18, 22 that’s nice going to kee that out. 26, 27, 42, 52, 55, 186 or 196, 163. 100 that”s another nice one so  ‘m thinking top and bottom for these two here. 205, 97, 92, 38, 91, 86, 85, 84 that’s another nice one. 79 that’s kinda nice but it’s a bit too nice.  15, 14, 12, 11, 9, 2, 1, 89, 82, 77, 66, 62, 61, 59.

Ok, so I’ll just organise these a bit. Ok so the way I’m going to do this is, is I’m going to place my glue onto a piece of plastic that’s flat and use a roller to role each surface. I’ll then place it onto another piece of plastic and try layer them as best as I can. As I go along I’m going to place something on top which I can clamp stacks at a time and glue those together. So I’m not going to do the whole lot in one go. So it’s the following day and these are the veneers clamped in their initial stages. I’m just going to open these up hopefully this hasn’t glued together. These’s one.The other pieces were literally held in place with acrylic and again that’s nice and flat.

Really nice and flat.

I kept this one out, just so I could glue it on as you can see I’m getting glue all over the place – it’s a bit messy.

Ok this is the stack of veneers. That’s 47 different species and what I’m going to do now is just clean up the faces and square it off. Because the pieces were rectangular I didn’t cross the grain and maybe will effect the strength but there’s so much glue I think this will work as a material for a future project, but what is that project? So I’d like to invite you imagine what I might make with this material and leave that as a comment below. If you’ve followed this channel for some time you would be wise to suggest something unconventional but that’s not necessarily the case, and the motivation for doing this along with humouring me is the most imaginative suggestion will receive a gift in the form of this swan neck pushing stick mouse mat

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