The Last Thing I Did With My Old CNC Machine / Second Attempt at Lazy Sharpening Jig

So this video is long overdue and I wanted it to be some kind of big comeback special, but there just wasn’t the budget for the can-can girls and live band. Every now and then I’d checked in, make sure things were ticking over, money was still coming in, and then I’d looked at the comments, sighed and wonder back to my second hidden channel – deep in the YouTube forest where the algorithm gods, and the guitar gods, couldn’t find me.

Anyway I’m back, more or less.

So I’ve just attached some 12mm birch ply onto the wasteboard of my CNC machine and I’m going to cut the next version of the CNC sharpening jig.

I think that’s the only thing I’m find a bit difficult when migrating from this CNC machine to my new one, is obviously with a belt once you turn the stepper motors off you can push this thing around but with a lead screw you will have to use the control panel to do that. Anyway these are going to be the new arms for the sharpening jig, they have cut out pretty well – that’s a relief. I’m not sure why it decided to cut this section separately from the rest of the piece. The bar that’s going to go in the centre, I’ll just do that on the sledge. I’m going to drill the holes a little off centre just so I can flip this piece around if I need too, to move the clamping point towards the abrasive surface or further away.

That will go between this, like that. I may end up putting something across here just to keep it square. Could use some of this on one side.

So I’m going to turn these wing knobs into throw hole wing knobs by drilling a hole at the top. It works out a lot cheaper to buy these types and adjusting them when you need too.

When I’ll do is hand feed these into threaded holes where they need to go, and then the wing knob will act like a locking nut clamping on. Ok these have been sprayed with some lacquer – a couple coats and I’m just going to put the insert nut into the hole that I pre-drilled.

So it doesn’t look too bad, in fact it looks pretty good.

Ok I’m going to just tidy everything up and then give it a go.

I’m just going to set this to 25 degrees – really don’t know if this is right.

That looks like it’s tilting in a little bit – maybe I haven’t cut that flat? so this time I’m going to keep this relatively loose just so the weight of that pushes down against the paper as also this this will act like a weight.

Ok here goes. Lets start from the middle.

This machine is starting to interfere with my videos now. It doesn’t matter what I do you can hear that in the background growing away. I’ve decided to give up now. I noticed the Y axis belts are becoming really really loose. I think they are just warming up because I’ve left this machine running for so long. It’s sort of getting there but it’s taking too long. I would have done this quicker by hand. I don’t think I’ve got this straight either. I mean it’s really polishing it – it looks amazing but I mean that’s completely off. I think I’m just going to do this by hand. I can’t think about this at the moment.

I’ll just show you where the old CNC machine has ended up.

This is what I’ve been working on.

So this is the machine I’ve been working on, hi, I’m over here. And I’m practically at the end of the build. And this has been the main reason why I’ve not been producing videos on the main channel. Just because I’ve been focusing on learning a lot of new things which have allowed me to build the two things you see here. The controller and the CNC machine itself. Anyway sorry for being away for so long, and hopefully I’ll be producing more regularly videos on this channel once again.

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