Assembly and Hanging Method for Artwork – Ancient Ruins of Lithophania

Ok this is the assembly process for my work which I’m sending to the Foundation Benetton Studi Ricerche, for the project Imago Mundi. So this is something I’ve 3D printed and these are the stand offs for the canvas. So there’s a screw that goes through there and the idea is you line it up in the corner. Ok. And this sits on top like that. It’s got three legs and there’s a reason why it’s like that.

Ok that clips on like that and then you can get your phone, turn the light on and then stick it behind. So that’s why it’s offset. So when this gets documented someone needs to be shoving their phone in it.

And this is an image of my intercommunal keyboard, so it has Greek and Turkish letters written onto the typical keyboard you get in the UK.

And hopefully that doesn’t break by the time it gets to Italy.

Ok I didn’t like the canvas I was sent so I decided to design another method of hanging. Something I’ve been thinking about for a little while using the 3D printer. Essentially it is an upside down keyhole protector. It’s parametric in Fusion 360, and I can adapt it to whatever bit I have or any size of work that I might want to hang. I’ll make a separate video about how I 3D modelled this and I will upload this to my second channel at some point, when  I have time.

I’ve already punched the holes but I’ll do this again. This pops into the larger forstner hole and using the square you line it up with the line, and then with the bradawl you mark your first hole.

I think when I make the next version of this I will try and learn a new software so that I can actually make some mounts for the magnets. I tried to import this into Fusion 360 and this was just too complicated, to many meshes, no not too many meshes. The mesh was just too complicated to turn it into an object in fusion and edit it so hopefully I can do that at some point. But for now a bit of gross hot glue will do.


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