Manual Levelling Mod to Tevo Little Monster

I’m not sure if the problem with the bed overheating in the previous video contributed to it being off, but it wasn’t true enough for the grid levelling to sufficiently compensate. When I tried to print the larger prints one side was more compressed than the other.

Ok in this video too try and physically level the bed. At the moment I used the on-board grid levelling to no avail, and then I followed some instructions on thingiverse if I remember correctly where I had to import some manual code in, and that seem to work a little bit better but what I’m finding is smaller prints about this size seem to hold well onto the bed but if I do a larger print. This side is lower than the back and there’s a couple things that I can do. I think the simplest would be to put a shim under these two area here and re-tighten everything up but I do like the idea of having a manual adjustment of the bed, despite the probe. And one method is to take a machine screw like this, and screw it through the threaded opening on the aluminium at the bottom, place a spring on top of that, and then the heatbed further on top of that and to use a wing knob to adjust the size points. I think I’ll start by putting PTFE down first. This is 0.26 so I think that’ll be enough.  Ok this is the simpler of the two options and I’ll see how I get on with this. I don’t think I’ll need to re-level the bed. It definitely feels higher on this side than that. Still some of these rings are being pulled off as it’s printing and getting stuck onto the nozzle. I think I’m just going to do it and change this around. Ok I’m going to mess about with the settings a little bit just to make sure I don’t smash the nozzle onto the hot bed. I’m going to change the z movement from 520 to 515. So I’m subtracting the distance that the bed has moved up by now. So it was 12mm roughly and I sort of levelled each corner to about 18mm, so I’ll save that. Ok so I’ve saved that and I’m going to turn that machine off and on again. I’m printing the same file, so I shouldn’t have to anything in that. This is very scary. Oh yeah that looks a lot more consistent. Ok that’s a must do upgrade there. So it’s still pulling up some of the rings for this part of the cnc machine I am building but I think I can deal with that if I ever so slightly compress the layer height but also slow that down a bit more. But what I can tell from looking is that I’m not getting the… well frankly the machine is a lost more level. That was really easy to do.

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