Pen Holder / Drawing Tool Assembly – 3D Printed DIY Kit for CNC Machine

This is a pressure sensitive drawing tool which can be 3D printed and used to draw with on a CNC router machine.

Download the 3D Printed SLT files form here:

Part required:

• 1x Pen Holder – 3D Printed
• 1x Pen Setting Tool – 3D Printed
• 1x Bushing Removal Tool 1 – 3D Printed
• 1x Bushing Removal Tool 2 – 3D Printed
• 1x 8mm Parallel Shaft 100mm Long
• 2x 8mm Locking Collars
• 1x M8x20 Compression Spring
• 2x M8x20x1mm Washers
• 1x M5x20mm Grub Screw
• 1x M5 Tee Nut