How To Make A Horizontal Level – DIY Spirit-less Level

0:05 I cut the end of the ply to create a straight edge.
0:33 Measured 100 mm in and cut a parallel line.
0:46 Because the piece I wanted to keep was not under the rail, that side was not square. I have come to realise that this rail saw isn’t particular good because it doesn’t have a riving knife.
0:54 Checking the accuracy with callipers.
1:02 I check the edges with an engineers square and realised that the first cut was square but the other wasn’t, so I marked the side which would become the base of the level.
1:13 Square of the edges keeping the flat side to the fence of the chop saw.
1:25 Find centre of material and mark a 90 degree line from bottom of level using engineers square. I also scored the lined to make it visible.
1:48 Drill a hole for nail.
1:58 Cutting thin pointer which will have a pin hole at the top and a point at the bottom which should be made exactly central to the edges of the ply.
3:36 Loosely nail the pointer to the horizontal along the centre line, so the pointer swings freely.
3:48 When the pointer lines up with the drawn / scored centre line the object is level.
4:15 The shared studio workbench is not level so I took it upstairs to check ours out.

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