Homemade Metal Bow Saw

I kind of only made this so that I could use the portable band saw. I found it on ffx.co.uk for 40 pounds and it seems ok for the price. Maybe later I will convert it into a dedicated upright / dropdown metal band saw. Obviously there is no reason why the bow saw can’t be done with a normal hacksaw.

0:09 Anyway the process is very simple for this build, starting with 2mm thick mild steel box tubing which I cut to equal lengths.
0:45 Mark the blade depth and hole. You can see that I am scoring the metal. I found the blade in a local DIY shop for 50p a little while ago which should belong with a mitre saw.
1:00 Marking the remaining holes.
1:58 Punching before drilling on the dice anvil.
2:19 Cutting the slot for the blade.
2:54 Drilling all the holes for the threaded rod.
3:35 Cutting the threaded rod which will go between the box tubing. On completion I realised I should have put some tubing (square or circular) between the middle spacer.
3:57 Assembly.
4:47 Cutting something.
5:30 Completed saw.


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