Simple Tilting Router Table Insert / Table Saw Extension

A simple tilting router insert, which fits into the extension table of my table saw.  The table is built around the GKF 600 router otherwise known as The Colt abroad.  Frustratingly many attachments and variations of the model are not available here, which was why I had to hold the extraction hose alongside the router when cutting.  The variable speed version is also not available in the UK, which means I cannot be delicate when routering plastics.

I am using the right hand side of the fence from my table with the router.  The item which I install to plug the router into at 04:10 is a NVR switch.  I had to remove the yellow plate and gently rotate the piece around off screen so it would fit under my table.  This adds an additional level of safety to the table router.

When cutting the plastic, I undercut a piece of MDF and used feeler gauges to find the additional width, adding that to the sledge flip stop and finally cutting the plastic, producing a snug fit.

I decided to use clear plastic, because I wanted to view the router and also have the option of replacing the plate had I made a mistake.  Always be careful when working with plastic, as it can be brittle and snap.  Not necessarily dangerous but annoying if something goes wrong.

Router Table Fence :

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