Making Wooden Tripod Adaptor Plate – Camera Mount – Vinten Pro 10 Broadcast Tripod

I found a tripod which was chucked out in the West End in London, noticing it instantly. Having had a preoccupation with tripods, since realised that no matter how impressive your camcorder might be, if you cannot match it with a decent tripod, your footage will be limited by shaky and jerky movement; I was attracting looks while interfering with the rubbish. If you wanted something good, you needed a Miller, O’Connor, Cartoni, Satchler, Vinten, Manfrotto or Libec, but I couldn’t afford anything decent. So you could imagine my surprise while walking through town and finding a tripod by a company of whom I have even read the book outlining its history. This company went from a camera repair shop in Wardour Street in 1910, several minutes away from where I found it, to producing it’s own range of broadcast cameras, tripods and aviation surveillance equipment; which I always though was an odd aspect of their business, but not so strange considering the purpose of television and military being so similar.

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  1. I was browsing for some solutions for a PTZ camera for our pedestals and found your video…pretty cool mate. Please contact me when you have a moment, we are based in Torrance, California with our parent company in Japan, just fyi. thanks.

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