Thunder Coil Guitar Shoulder Strap / Ohio

Every so often I seem to upload a video which polarises my audience.  Some seem to appreciate the humour, or experimentation, but others dig their heals in, clicking the cowardly dislike button without really voicing their objections.  Not that I would listen to them be honest.

This channel is the accumulation of the things I want to do, in the little time I have to do them.  Unless the naysayers want to pay me to make a video, in which case I would overcharge, I still can’t help thinking what kind of credulous morons can assume to get something for free, and then complain about it?

In this video, I will screw an eyelet into the double neck guitar, and then use the thunder coil as a shoulder strap.  I then play a mediocre rendition of Ohio by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, a protest song written in reaction to the Kent State University shooting where on the May 4th, the Ohio National Guard shot unarmed college students protesting the war, killing four and wounding nine others.

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