Magnetic Nail Holder / Angry Concept Hammer

I don’t like how we are expected to vilify people who don’t vote, as if by not voting they are solely responsible for some self serving sociopath coming into power. As the comedian George Carlin put it, it’s the best that the political system can produce: Garbage in and garbage out.

If the government really wanted us to engage with democracy, voting day would be a bank holiday, but as it stands you just have turn up late to work because of chaotic queues at the polling station.

The first past the post electoral system in the UK, guarantees a two party political systems. Natalie Bennett described trying to push politicians in safe seats for a move to proportional representation, like asking turkeys to vote for Christmas. The Tories were against it, and the Labour party didn’t have an official party position in the 2011 referendum. However much was made of this General Election unpredictability, although the SNP landslide was inevitable. And this was precisely what the First Past the Post voting system was supposed to avoid. Someone with all this confusion we still got a scandalous and shambolic conservative government, who have used fear mongering to push their agenda to the fore.  The dismantling of the welfare state, privatisation of health care and education, a reduced access to legal aid, demonization of the disabled and poor, isolation of the scots and working class.  We are going through a Victorian resurgence, in which lies about the economic apocalypse are making the future seem more and more unpalatable.

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