CNC Easy Table / Clamping Knobs / Milling Aluminium / Stepper Motor Voltage

00:05 Easy Table – If you don’t have a big table but want to put something large on it, screw a batten along a wall and allow that to take some of the weight.  This could also be adapted to allow the machine to slot away or lifted to the back while leaving a space to work upon.

02:14 Wing knobs – this is the quickest way to make a male wing knob from what are generally the more affordable female variety, but some cam-clamps would be even better.

03:13 Milling aluminium – Going to the limit of this machine to test it’s capabilities.  This processes has really revealed a lot about what this machine is capable of and what I must do to improve its performance.

04:51 Adjusting the voltage from the driver shied to the stepper motors, and then having another crack at milling aluminium.  It is better but still not accurate and I have to sand the edges to improve the finish.

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