CNC Adjustable Extraction Hood Made From Plastic

00:02 Testing the cut on a piece of MDF.
00:45 Dry assembly of MDF pieces.
00:55 Cutting perspex.
01:10 Observation about tabs.
01:56 Second attempt.
02:46 Observation about belt performance.
03:32 Cutting tabs and using round over bit.
03:50 Drilling space for lead screw.
04:20 Cleaning up base of upright.
04:35 Acrylic weld.
05:10 Tapping and screwing pieces together.
05:27 Bicarbonate of Soda to lubricate drilling plastic.
06:03 The money shot.
06:52 Fitting hood onto machine.
07:18 Polishing plastic with toothpaste.

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