His & Hers Shoehorn

00:03 I begin by cutting the veneer for my first attempt at making a shoehorn, while talking about a recent holiday. The shape of the shoehorn is in part inspired by the leeboards on Dutch barges.
00:23 Cutting a soil pipe, which I will use to form the veneer.
00:40 Applying glue between layers of veneer.
01:12 Cable tying veneer onto soil pipe.
01:30 Sometime later.
01:38 Drawing template of shoehorn.
02:07 Fitting the template to veneer.
02:20 Rough cutting shoehorn with coping saw.
02:29 Sanding shape on horizontal belt sander and drum sander.
02:40 Initial reflections.
03:14 After a unsuccessful initial attempt I build a clamping jig to help distribute an even force on the veneer while it glues. I am using leather from a lifting belt and strips of birch ply which will be screwed down with cup washers.
03:20 Halving leather along its length.
03:38 Cutting birch play with at a slight angle, between 10-15 degrees.
04:08 After plaining the pieces, I begin to screw these together onto the leather strips, one at either end. I use cupped washers to hold the leather down against the birch.
05:15 Attaching the surfaces which will be used to hold the clamping jig tightly against the soil pipe.
05:44 Second attempt, using slightly thicker veneer and more glue.
06:35 Examining the second attempt.
08:03 Tracing over first shoehorn.
08:12 Preparing coping saw with spiral blade, before rough cutting shape.
08:37 Sanding showhorn.
09:02 Several coats of spray lacquer.
09:25 Very light sand down, using wet & dry paper which has been kept soaking for some time.

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