CNC Timing Belt and Pulley / Bizarre Software Problem

00:04 I begin by cutting a piece and compare the measurements to the SVG file.

00:54 More testing.

01:29 Testing with a dial gauge.

2.16 Comparing t2 and t2.5 belts.  The machine currently uses a neoprene belt reinforced with fibreglass.  It stretches under the load and I am going to use t.25 polyurethane, steel reinforced belt instead.  This may mean I need to change the pulleys on the stepper motor as well.

03:10 Painting waste board with wet rot hardener.

04:06 Drilling out new pulleys on lathe.

05:17 Replacing pulleys on x and y axis.

06:27 Threading timing belt.

07:23 Checking cut with v bit, cutting 100mm square on path with vector line.

07:53 Cutting a relief of the maker slide and checking changes.

08:11 Bizarre software problem.  Cutting on path with Easel is a lot more accurate than cutting on either side of the vector line.

I have a new channel called educating savvas where you will find this video with Nathan from Opentronic.  Along with discussions and other tangential videos which don’t fit the current channel format, I will also migrate future CNC related videos there.

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