Levelling CNC Waste Board – G Code Travel Error

00:05 Embarrassingly I managed to wet my CNC bed, resulting in the MDF surface raising.  I’ve decided to use the CNC to level the waste board.

00:58 While I am at it, I will also use the V bit to etch a grid into the levelled surface.

01:06 I set the tool path and area to clear, I use a feeler gauge to set the bit hight.

01:27 First attempt at levelling the waste board.  The first thing which went wrong was having taken a lot more material off the back then I expected.

01:56 Measuring the waste board.

02:24 I swap to a large 16mm straight two flute router bit.

03:03 First area clear took off a little less than half a mm.

03:41 MDF is never entirely flat.

04:13 Preparing the SVG grid file in Illustrator.

05:03 I use the V cutting bit to etch the grid on the MDF while painting the surface with wet rot hardener.

05:32 The centre of the MDF seems to have dipped down.

05:53 Odd G code error. The beginning of one line moved across to the beginning of the next line, but at least three times the speed.


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