Electrical Interference & Vector Accuracy Test / Second Levelling Attempt

00:04 Introduction and recap from previous video. The maker end slide plates were uneven so I had to re-adjust them.
01:12 I was also talking to Nathan from OpenTronic and he informed me that the error in the previous video, where the cutting path went from the start of one line to the start of the next, might be caused by electrical interference near the USB cable.
03:18 Re-adjusting all the maker end slide plates. I used a strip of sheet material as a spacer to make sure the spacing between the two halves of the y axis were consistent and parallel.
04:12 I check that the x and y axis are at 90 degree to one another.
04:29 Checking the gantry is square to the bed, which is isn’t because I levelled it when everything was on the piss.
04:44 I start an area clear 0.4mm into the centre of the waste board.
05:07 Jump of router bit caused by sharp angle change.
05:27 I paint the waste board again with wet rot hardener and then check if the gantry is square to the freshly levelled bowing waste board.
06:10 I am going to check the vector path accuracy by plotting with a pen. I will also be checking this with and without the spindle running in case this causes any further interference.
06:53 I will be using the SVG template for the extended maker end plates. Plotting the vector along the path seemed correct but when I changed these to plot along the outside or within, this flagged a problem I wasn’t expecting.
07:28 The problem.
07:53 The software (Easel) recognises the path changes as illustrated by the shadow change, but this information is not being sent to the machine which suggests it is a software problem.
08:16 What I also what to do is reconnect the spindle and have that running while doing the same file.
08:48 What I have here is a very inaccurate drawing machine. In the final test I plot the vector of a 60mm by 60mm square. I set the bit diameter to 4mm and do this on path, inside the path and outside. I then reconnect and turn the spindle, checking inside, outside and on path.

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