Compactable Tripod Dolly Model Build

In this video I will build a model of the compactable tripod dolly from a previous upload in which I upgraded its wheels.  I am making it at a half scale for my convenience, but will provide measurement as if it was full size.

Welcome to an episode of woodworking with giants.

I began by cutting a long strip of 12mm ply at 96mm wide.  You’ll need around 5 meters and could use 18mm if you want.

I am using my table saw to cut all the angles and I set the mitre fence to 30 degrees using a bevel gauge from which I then used my carpenters square to copy the measurement.

I am going to cut the longest length first, of which there are two at 752mm.  I am taking this measurement from the longest side.  You will also need to cut three lengths of 411.

If you are going to follow along with this video, I’m going to deviate from a simple cut list.  This is the equivalent of tailoring with wood.  But to start off you want to join either with nails, glue or screws, one length of 411 to a length of 752 as shown.

I then draw a transversal line across the ply so I can reference the next pieces.  In the video I am taking the measurement from those lines, which you could also do or you could cut a trapezoid with the longest length at 173mm.

Remember that you’ll want to be able compact the three section, and the lines we drew will be a reference as to how tight the pieces butt against each other.

If you need too, cut or sand a little bit more off.

I am dry assembling pieces to check the spacing before attaching the trapezoidal section.

The second arm of the dolly needs to equal to 752 mm minus the length of the transversal line overlapping the first section we made.  This will be 641mm but as you have seen I checked this by dry assembling before going ahead.

I place a longer piece of ply in position and mark where I will cut, using the carpenters bevel as a rule.  I cut this out on the table saw and dry assembled the pieces before attaching the final section to the second arm of the dolly.

I am going to nail the piece of 411mm length at the end of the third arm of the dolly.  I had an off cut already at hand, so instead of measuring it, I traced the line.  Like I said, this is tailoring and not a meccano model.

I place the third arm of the dolly together, flipping it over to measure the final piece by placing a section of ply alongside.  This should be 173mm.  After cutting it I nailed this in place as well.

The next step is to mark where you will drill the holes for the wing knobs and threaded inserts.  I kept my carpenters bevel at 60 degrees and used that to mark where I would intersect from.

These are four pronged inserts nuts, the wing knobs and I even have some cute little castor wheels as well.

I drilled through the top part the same diameter as the threaded wing knobs.  From this I used a transfer punch to mark where I would drill the holes for the insert.  If you are worried about this moving around you could clamp this down.

The holes for the inserts are slightly bigger.  Here I am whacking them in on the underside of the hole.

Now fix your casters to the dolly.  I would suggest using bolt but seeing as I am making a model, I will just screw these.

You could finish up with drilling shallow holes for the tripods feet to sit in or cover the entire top with a carpet tile.

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