Making A Riving Knife for Table Saw To Increase Blade Size

If you follow my other channel Educating Savvas, you will know that I am planning to re-build my CNC machine.  But before I buy more aluminium profile I want to be sure that it can be cut. I am planning to use my table saw which takes 200mm blades, but the aluminium cutting blade I will be using is 210mm.  I have never cut aluminium on a table saw before and want to minimise any risk that something might go wrong.  Rather than grind 5mm off the riving knife, in this video I will make a new one.

I test the blade with its new riving knife on some acrylic.  Because of the negative rake on the teeth the material does feel like it wants to rise up a little more than normal.

I will address this in my next video I will build a guard for my table sledge and add some inserts with which to hold down material.    If you have not checked out my new channel be sure to click on the information card at the top right corner of the screen.


00:28 Place larger aluminium blade into table saw.

00:58 Scribe around original riving knife.  The metal I will be using is a fraction thicker but I will be grinding the rust off.

01:16 The bit with the sparks.

02:55 Tapering the edge closest to the blade.

03:21 Installing riving knife.

04:27 Testing the cut with a piece of acrylic.  I have used this blade before on a chop saw, cutting #cough steel and it probable needs to be sharpened.

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