Sledge Upgrade Guard & Inserts / Aluminium Metal Cutting Test

00:04 Cutting acrylic to make a guard for cross cutting sledge.
01:27 I marked the acrylic.
01:49 Drilling holes through guard. I used a solution of bicarbonate of soda and water as a cutting lubricant.
02:29 I transferred the holes to the sledge and installed wood inserts with which to mount the rear of the guard.
04:11 The front of the guard is held into place with a machine screw which I filed down to fit within the tee-groove.
04:34 Fitting the guard.
04:46 Laying out wooden inserts on sledge.
05:18 I partially drilled the board with a forstner bit so the heads of the inserts would lie flush.
06:32 Fitting wood inserts nuts.
07:11 Test cut on aluminium profile.
08:11 I used the adjustable router table fence attachments with the feather boards to test a cut directly on the table.

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