Fibre Optic Front Facing Microphone Recording Light

00:04 I clamp down a piece of plastic acrylic to the bed of the CNC Machine. This was one of the rare occasions that I managed to cut something out on the CNC machine, before accepting how problematic the processes was. The planning of the digital file and shaping of the piece post job completion took longer than the cutting job itself.
00:39 I use a solution of bicarbonate of soda and water to lubricate the cut.
01:12 Examining the cut.
01:13 Cutting out and cleaning the individual pieces.
02:08 3mm thick fibre optic wire – which I will use to direct the light from the rear of the microphone in front of the camera.
02:24 Sanding the end of the fibre optic wire flat.
02:33 Gluing a stepping up section of acrylic which will hold the protruding arm away from the microphone. I used dichloromethane liquid solvent cement. The glue is applied to the edge of the joined surfaces but also can be brushed onto the cut lines to remove marks.
02:42 Pushing the opposite end of the fibre optic wire into the mounting hole.
03:02 3M double sided pads – cut to size and used to stick plastic to microphone.
03:48 Testing the final effect.

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