Upright CNC Stand – Panel Router

In the previous video I began rebuilding the X Carve with parts from a company who produce a machine which varies in its name by a single letter. The addition of an O transforms X from a spot into a beast of burden – An Ox.

My intention was to increase the overall rigidity by using thicker aluminium profile for the base, bolting the x axis together, and replacing the z axis with a C beam linear actuator.

00:04 In this video I will assemble an upright stand to mount the CNC machine. I cut these pieces from the used waste board from a much larger machine. The cross sections are held in place by washes, bolts and m12 threaded rod.

00:59 The waste board was riddles with cuts from several months of jobs. It gave it an interesting Blade Runner / Sci-Fi feel.

I have not seen many CNC machines mounted this way, and this will undoubtedly throw up some interesting problems to solve.

01:15 Placing machine horizontally upon stand.

01:53 Testing movement along axis. The NEMA 23 stepper motors have enough torque to hold and move the machine.

02:16 Placing router mount onto Z Axis.

02:42 I installed the limit switch on the C Beam Linear Actuator.

03:14 If the CNC loses power or connection to the motor – this happens.

03:27 I rotated the router on the stand.

03:58 I measure the movement between the end plate of the x axis and x carriage extrusion – which seemed consistent.

04:50 Installing counter weight mechanism.

08:20 I give up.

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