18V Battery Holder Rack – Deep Storage


02:17 So I began by taking measurements off the battery using the Vernier calliper.
03:00 I set the height of the blade to the depth of the batteries groove and the fence to the width.
03:13 I made the cuts on an off cut of 60mm wide 15mm birch ply.
03:29 I then measured from the bottom of the cut to the opposite edge of the ply using the vernier calliper and adjusted the fence. I adjusted the blade height to create a rebate.
03:46 Make sure you have the piece the right was up for the next two cuts. If cut correctly you should be able to slide the batter onto the rebate.
03:55 Because I have two batteries I want the centre piece to be wide enough for my fingers to fit between. The next two cuts are also 60mm wide making two squares. One will remain whole and the other will be cut in half.
04:27 You can see how these fit together with the battery – from this I take measurement for the backboard these will be attached too. Be sure if you batteries have sprung tabs to compress these when measuring or make a deeper rebate.
04:35 Cut backing board and attach the top pieces using glue and nails. I use a pencil to make where the pieces will line up with the battery in position.
05:37 I cut the excess backing board down.
05:48 I attach the holder rack using two screws making sure everything I lined up and clears cupboard frame.


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