Cannibalised HPLV Extractor Build

00:07 Cannibalised the original extractor.
01:15 The rings to join the sections.
02:00 Assembling the sections.
03:23 Testing the vacuum.
03:36 Jig to cut offset inlet.
04:44 Fitting inlet to drum.
05:39 Another dust test.
05:53 Inlet adaptor ring.
06:10 Drum bag pressure hose.
06:43 The fail.
06:54 Conclusion.

In this video I try some of the ideas presented in the comments from the previous build.  I couldn’t prevent bag to lift overall but interventions which included using a wider inlet and hose, thicker or heavier gauge bag, and a PVC pipe within the drum that equalised the pressure beneath the bag – all combined to made a big difference.

In the final video I install a pressure valve onto the drum.


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