Building A Lathe Stand / T-Shirts

00:03 I skipped the bit about cutting the pieces or making the loose tenons instead starting with routering a channel for the side panels.
01:00 Dry fitting the side panels.
01:30 Gluing the side panels.
02:19 I am going to secure the side panels to a base piece using carriage screws which I am cutting out.
02:51 Pocket screwing the base, which will be strengthen with a panel glued on top.
03:34 Attaching the bottom section to side panels.
04:23 Cutting sheet material for base and installing.
05:02 Making top section – back angle of stand is 10 degrees.
05:18 I decided to use my V-nail gun to attach the top pieces together. I didn’t have a piece long enough so I also joined these together – trying to use all the scrap from around the workshop.
05:56 Fitting top to side panels.
06:10 I didn’t plane any timber down instead selecting the straightest pieces I could fine and orienting them to they would compensate for any slight warping.
06:30 Top sheet material.
07:01 Routering groove for back panel to slot into.
07:53 Cannibalising the workshop for material.
08:18 The glorious moment it all came together.
08:85 T-Shirts
09:20 But which one?
09:22 Disclaimer from the thumber.


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