Router Spindle Adaptor Ring – 71mm to 65mm Mount


In this video I am going to make an adaptor ring to fit this Makita router with a variable speed onto the spindle mount on my CNC machine.  I am going to use quite a long bit which is actually a foam cutting up-spiral bit.  But when I was looking at it and comparing it to some of the other bits I have it seems completely identical in terms of the spacing of the flutes.  Obviously a longer bit is more likely to break if I put the machine under load.  I am hoping that by using a slower feed-rate I should be able to be able to get through this laminated bit of birch ply. This is two thickness’s of 18mm which I actually laminated laminted together when I was making my radial saw, and this was left behind. So I am going to screw this onto the table and then send the job over and see hopefully whether I can get this to cut out nicely.

I had a few false starts – first plunging to deeply with a 6mm stepdown .  I then tried to reduce the feed-rate with the same plunging depth but the router still sounded a little jittery.

I finally reduced the plunging depth to 3mm with the feed rate set at 1400mm/min and that seemed to cut ok.

I had some chipping from the top of the birch ply, and I should really work out a way of making an initial shallow pass over the same vector lines to prevent this in future.

The adaptor didn’t fit first time, so I cut open the ring to increase its flexibility and sanded the outside wall using the pillar drill drum sander.  I also had to take a little bit of material off the flange so the piece would sit flat.

In the next video I will use this variable speed router to cut the remaining end plates and install them onto the CNC machine.  If you have found this video interesting please make sure you leave a comment, share or simply thumb this video so the algorithm gods know it’s worth recommending over their complicated domain.

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