Smoke Cannon Guitar – Melodic Vortex Ring Launcher

So last year in March I made a video where I built a double neck guitar from two cheap ¾ sized acoustic guitars.  Since then I’ve been getting a lot of comments and some are quite funny.

I’ll just read some out to you.

Julian G said, this video gave me cancer.

I mean that’s just a horrible thing to say.

Erm, you’re an arsehole.

That wasn’t a comment.  That’s just what I think of that person.

You tune them like your arse dude.

This shit hurts my feelings.

Oh god.

This is stupid.

Erm, guitar centipede.

What else is there?

I’m disgusted but curious.

Anyway some of these comments are priceless and I’ll provide a link to that video if you fancy a laugh.

It seems there are a lot of people out there who get really easily annoyed by the slightest notion that someone might do something other than play stairways  to heaven (sic) on a guitar.

I mean I guess I understand – it’s like using a chisel to open a tin of paint? But you have good chisels, and you have rubbish ones, you have or special ones, for yourself and you have sacrificial ones you lend to your mates. So unless you are devoid of any sense you’d assume I’m not using a priceless instrument.

So all that attention to guitars reminded me of something I tried to do in 2012, and never quite managed, and I wanted another go at it.  So I tried to make a smoke cannon in a guitar and I’ll provide a link to that – in fact all the recommended videos in the information card will be guitar related.

There’s a lot of back story to tell.  Sometimes you start something, and then you put it down, and then several years pass by and you realise you never finished the thing you were trying to make.

If I just made a smoke cannon guitar you’d probably think that’s it was odd, you’d probably hate it, you’d probably press the thumb down button like everyone on the thunder guitar video.  Man that was a lot of hate.  That took me weeks of counselling to get over.

Anyway since the original smoke cannon guitar – I have stopped smoking so don’t be surprised if you do watch that video, and see me blowing smoke into the body of a guitar.

In this video I’m going to use a smoke machine which is connected to the guitar by an adaptor that I drilled out, and that adaptor will be connected to the guitar with some tubing.  The piece of birch ply was an off cut from an adaptor I made for the CNC machine to fit a smaller router onto the spindle mount.

As I said there is a back-story and it’s just very complicated. The flexible material I made the ring out off is called skin ply.  Please don’t ask me where I bought it from.  It’s a bit of scrap that’s been in the workshop for years. Most of it has got some kind of mould damage on it.  It’s very flexible. It’s a couple millimetres thick.

So anyway you’re probably thinking did this work?  Should I skip to the bit at the end?  Why is he talking so much?  Just describe what’s happening in the video dude – don’t talk to YouTube like it’s your friend.

Wow, perfect and it looks like your guitar is permanently on fire.


Wow that’s working really well – that’s really amazing the way it’s.

I reckon it should be quite loose.


It’s amazing how they’re behaving around the camera.

The rings are quiet pleasant to watch – probably more pleasant than anything I could play.

So this is the part of the video where you pat me on the back, and write something mildly offensive in the comments section.

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