Y Axis Debris Deflection Guard – Acrylic

00:03 I am measuring up the notched I’ll have to cut out using the veneer calliper and then transferring this over to the table saw.00
00:20 I cut everything out in stages using my table saw sledge.
00:44 Stop for a photo.
01:06 This notch is a little more complicated because of the drag chain.
01:11 I fit and check where to drill fixing holes.
01:16 I am using a stepped bit to drill the acrylic as this leave a cleaner hole.
01:37 Unscrewed the fixings for the front of the Y axis and also loosened the ones at the back – lifting the aluminium profile slightly to slotted T-nuts into track.
01:53 I used rubber washers to help dampen any vibration but  I had to punch their holes a little larger.
02:23 Fixing acrylic debris deflection guard.


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